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Aristotle said, “Justice is to give everyone his own.”

When you have an issue you cannot resolve, a private detective may be able to help you. Before you hire any detective or agency, make sure you are satisfied with the competence and credibility of the person or agency you wish to hire. Once you share your problems with a private investigator, you expect to receive discretion, expertise, and straight forward conduct in all aspects of the job. Naturally you have to be careful on whom you rely and from what agency you ask for help. Clugston Investigations has over 30 years experience helping individuals and businesses solve their problems discretely and professionally. Whether you hire Clugston Investigations or another agency, please consider the questions below to ensure you are satisfied with your choice. In order to answer these questions, it would be best to talk to a private detective in person, ask for referrals, or approach any associations that the detective or agency may be affiliated with. Most often, you will get your questions answered to your satisfaction. Remember, if you are not comfortable with the answers, it is most likely that you will not be satisfied with the results.


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Categories to think about when asking questions:

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Experience: Is the detective experienced in handling cases similar to yours? If so, how many "similar" cases has he/she handled? Any private detective you hire should have a good deal of experience in criminal, corporate and private security services. While college degrees and diplomas are a positive addition to any investigator's credentials, experience is more important. The agent or agency must be capable of competently helping individuals and/or companies deter the incidence of crime by advising them about safety and security; in addition to providing security consultations and surveillance services. The primary objective of the agent must be meeting the needs of the client; whether providing Security Consultation, Investigative Services, or Polygraph Services.

In the corporate world, a good investigator can assist with pre-employment screenings (i.e. background checks or resume verification), sexual harassment allegations, insurance claims, and polygraph examinations associated with theft and other forms of loss. Furthermore, the agent or agency must be able to provide you with customized solutions to meet your security and corporate needs.

The agent must be able to provide security consultation, investigative services and/or polygraph services as required to properly do the job. A polygraph examination can provide compelling evidence that you are telling the truth. With a Certified Polygraph Examiner, the polygraph can detect truth and deception with near-perfect accuracy. Roy Clugston is a graduate of the Backster School of Lie Detection, Certified through APA (American Polygraph Association), and is Licensed in the State of Oklahoma.

As an individual in need of private detective services, you want to ensure that the agent or agency you hire has experience dealing with personal issues such as: spousal infidelity, custody battles, divorce cases, sexual abuse allegations, and more.

A good private detective can discreetly gather evidence that can confirm or disprove your suspicions. This evidence may help when you are going through a divorce or custody battle. This information will help you make an informed decision regarding how to proceed with your case. If necessary, the information and evidence we have gathered may also be of help should you need to consult with an attorney to determine the best possible solution.

Is the detective/agency technologically informed? Do they use up-to-date equipment? You want to choose a private detective that is well-trained in covert surveillance. Through state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, you are ensured that the agent/agency can provide the highest quality of work. Clear and identifiable records can be obtained when proper security surveillance services are conducted. Make sure the private detective you hire uses only legal methods to acquire the records you need. This will help to ensure that the audio and video surveillance gathered can be presented in court without any legal issues.

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Background: Have there been any complaints filed against the private investigator or the agency? Did you find any information about the Investigator or agency on the Internet (Good or Bad)? Does the investigator have a criminal record? Are there any financial problems that might influence their performance of the job?

When checking for complaints, be sure to check with Associations and Law Enforcement Offices, as well as the Better Business Bureau (BBB). You may also want to check on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn or other Social Networking sites. Is he/she a member of any professional groups or investigative organizations? If so, what do the Associations say about them?

A trustworthy detective or agency must consistently conduct research and investigations with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

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References: Is the private investigator or agency recommended by previous clients, investigative groups, friends, or acquaintances?

Clugston Polygraph and Investigative Services has maintained a good working relationship with local law enforcement agencies and the judicial system at both state and federal levels. The basis of this relations started as a result of Mr. Clugston's 23+ years working in law enforcement.

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Associations: Is he/she a member of any professional groups or investigative organizations? Verify that the private investigator you select is licensed to practice investigative services in your area. A trustworthy detective or agency must consistently conduct research and investigations with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

Clugston Polygraph & Investigative Services is a member of the Oklahoma Private Investigators Association, the Oklahoma Polygraph Examiners Association, the American Polygraph Association, and the National FBI Academy Association.

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Other Considerations: In the course of any private detective's daily work, he or she must be able to perform a variety of tasks. Some of these tasks may include: doing courthouse / national database / off-shore research, surveillance, locating witnesses, obtaining written statements, conducting polygraph exams and constructing personality profiles. Completing personal and corporate security consultations involves getting records and surveillance that will provide checks and verification for all clients.

An experienced private investigator will keep you updated about the progress of your case.. This will also help you to keep track of the money you have invested in the investigation. As a word of caution, don't base your selection on price / cost alone. You don't want to settle for either the most or the least expensive, as you may not end up with results you expect. While many well-established agencies have expensive price tags on their services, you can still find the same quality of service from less expensive agencies.

Operating under strict confidence and the highest ethical standards, you will be pleased with Clugston Polygraph and Investigative Services' fulfillment to address your personal and business security needs.

We are in the business of protecting what matters most to you: Reputation, Integrity, Dignity, Property and Truth



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